How to setup local NOG based on sdnog experience

This documents highlights the best practices and steps to establish a local Network Operator Group (NOG) from the first idea to planning and holding the first event, based on the experience of establishing sdnog; The Sudan Network Operator Group.

To begin planning for establishing your local NOG, ask yourself the following questions

• Why do you need a local NOG?

• What are the vision, mission and objectives of the group?

• What will be the activities of the group?

• How can you meet these goals?

Answering these questions successfully will give you a clear action plan on how to establish your local NOG.

The attached document demonstrate the required steps.


Sudan Network Operators Group (sdnog) is a registered organization under the Ministry of Security and Social Development (M68D), Humanitarian Aid Commission, NGOs Registrar General, with T.NO: 4814.